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Maximilian Stritzinger

Postdoctoral Researcher
at the
Las Campanas Observatory
Carnegie Institute for Science
Colina el Pino Casilla 601
La Serena

Tel:       +56 51 207 301
Fax:      +56 51 207 308

I am currently a scholar at the The Las Campanas Observatory partcipating in the Carnegie Supernova Project. My research is focussed chiefly on the study of Type Ia and Type Ib/c supernovae with the main motivation to gain a deeper understanding of their progenitor systems and explosion physics, as well as to sharpen the use of Type Ia supernova as distance indicators. I am also an affiliated scientist at the Dark Cosmology Centre in lovely KĂžbenhavn Danmark.

Current supernova of interest

Supernova 2009bb

Selected Recent Publications

Paper on the Type Ia SN template light curve fitter SNooPy (as pdf)
  • Paper on the peculiar Type Ic supernova 2009bb (as pdf)
  • Paper on the distance to Fornax A based on the observations of 4 Type Ia SNe (as pdf)
  • Paper on the normal Type Ia supernova 2003hv (as pdf)
  • Paper on the Type Ib supernova 2007Y (as pdf)
  • Articles on astro-ph
  • Articles on ADS

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