2005/2006 Supernovae IR Light Curves

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SN05dk.LC SN05dn.LC SN05dw.LC SN05dx.LC
sn2005dksn2005dnsn2005dw sn2005dx

SN05dz.LC SN05el.LC SN05em.LC SN05eq.LC
sn2005dzsn2005elsn2005em sn2005eq

SN05es.LC SN05gj.LC SN05hc.LC SN05hd.LC
sn2005essn2005gjsn2005hc sn2005hd

SN05hj.LC SN05hk.LC SN05iq.LC SN05kc.LC
sn2005hjsn2005hksn2005iq sn2005kc

SN05ke.LC SN05ki.LC SN05kj.LC SN05lr.LC
sn2005kesn2005kisn2005kj sn2005lr

SN05lu.LC SN06D.LC

created with igal