CSP Color Supernovae Gallery 2005/2006
Images: Sergio Castellón
Combined BVi images; taken at the Swope 1.0 m telescope, using the direct CCD imager SITe3

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sn05dt sn05dw sn05dx sn05dz
sn2005dtsn2005dwsn2005dx sn2005dz

sn05em sn05eq sn05es sn05hk
sn2005emsn2005eqsn2005es sn2005hk

sn05ip sn05lr sn05me sn05my

sn06T sn06V sn06X sn06au
sn2006Tsn2006Vsn2006X sn2006au

sn06ax sn06ba sn06bc sn06bh
sn2006ax sn2006basn2006bcsn2006bh