CSP Color Supernovae Gallery 2004/2005
Images: Sergio Castellón
Combined BVi images; taken at the Swope 1.0 m telescope, using the direct CCD imager SITe3

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sn04dt sn04ef sn04ej sn04eo
sn2004dtsn2004efsn2004ej sn2004eo

sn04er sn04ew sn04ex sn04ey
sn2004ersn2004ewsn2004ex sn2004ey

sn04fb sn04fc sn04fe sn04ff
sn2004fbsn2004fcsn2004fe sn2004ff

sn04fx sn04gq sn04gt sn04gv
sn2004fxsn2004gqsn2004gt sn2004gv

sn05A sn05M sn05P sn05Q
sn2005Asn2005Msn2005P sn2005Q

sn05Z sn05aw sn05bb sn05bf
sn2005Zsn2005awsn2005bb sn2005bf