C100/WIRC Reduction Log

Campaign 2006/2007

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    Night Stack Folder DVD Phot Objects Stds Comments
    20060812_13 x x x no 05dk, dn, (iq), (kc) - Templates
    20060813_14 x x x no 05dw, dz, es, (hk), (iq), (kc), ku - Templates
    20060814_15 x x x no (05dw), (kc) - Templates - Clouds
    20060815_16 x x x no 05dw, (es), hc, hj, hk, (kc) - Templates
    20060816_17 x x x x (05dz), (eq), lu, (gj) 5 Templates
    20061003_04 x x x no (06ep), eq, ev, (ha) - Clouds
    20061004_05 x x x no (05dn), (ke), 06et, ev, gt, (ha), hx - Templates
    20061005_06 x x x no 05dn, ku, (gj), 06fw, is - Templates - Some clouds
    20061006_07 x x x no (05dz), (eq), (es), (iq), (ke), (ku), gj, 06eq - Templates - Some clouds
    20061007_08 x x x no 05el, (eq), ir, (ke), (gj), 06eq, ir, it - Templates
    20061008_09 x x x no (06ep), ev, fw, gt, it, iw -  
    20061028_29 x x x no 06gj, hx, (is), it, kf, lc -  
    20061029_30 x x x no (05dx), (el), em, (na), 06gt, (is), iw - Templates
    20061030_31 x x x no (05dx), (hd), (na), 06ep, et, ev, kf, lc - Templates
    20061031_01 x x x no (05hd), (na), 06Y, 06gt, hx, ir, it - Templates
    20061104_05 x x x no 06ep, gj, iw, lc - Windy - Bad seeing
    20061108_09 x x x no 06gj, gt, hx, is, iw, lc, (lu) -  
    20061109_10 x x x no 06ep, et, it, kf, lu, mr -  
    20061126_27 x x x no (06jd), (kf), ms, nz, ob, os, ot -  
    20061203_04 x x x no (05kj), (06Y), 06iw, mr, nz, os, ot - Templates
    20061230_31 x x x no (05kj), 06jd, kf, ob, qq - Templates
    20070127_28 x x x x (06ee), mr, qq, 07N, (P) 4  
    20070130_31 x x x no 05gj, ki, lw, 06ai, (07N)   Templates
    20070205_06 x x x x (06ee), mr, (qq), 07P, S, U 3  
    20070225_26 x x x no 06D, 07C   Templates
    20070226_27 x x x no 06jd, qr, (07N), S, U, Y, ab    
    20070227_28 x x x no 06bd, br, qq, 07P, X, Y, aa   Templates
    20070228_01 x x x x (06ax), (mr), 07N, S, U, Y 4 Templates
    20070309_10 x x x - 06jd, qr, 07N, S, (X), Y, ab, af    
    20070310_11 x x x x 06X, (ax), 07C, (U), (X), Y, af, ag 2 Templates
    20070311_12 x x x - 07P, S, (W), (X), Y, af, (ai), ak, al    
    20070312_13 x x x - 06qr, qq, 07Y, af, ag, ai, al, am    
    20070430_01 x x x - 07ba, bj   Strong Wind
    20070501_02 x x x - 07P, aa, am, ax, (bc), (cd)   Strong Wind
    20070502_03 x x x - 07S, (af), bd, be, bm, cd   Clouds
    20070503_04 x x x - 07C, ab, av, bd, ca, cc, cd   Cirrus
    20070504_05 x x x - (07W), ag, bd   Strong Wind
    20070521_22 - - - -     Linearity Test
    20070522_23 x x x - 07al   Night from different program
    20070523_24 x x x - 07cg   Night from different program
    20070524_25 x x x - (05na), 07S, (W), (aa), (ab), ba, bc   Strong Wind
    20070528_29 x x x - (07ag), (am), (bm)   Clouds
    20070529_30 no no no no (07bc)   Strong Wind (useless)
    20070602_03 x x x - (07ab), ba, bc, (bd), bm, ca, cg   Clouds
    20070603_04 x x x - 07W, af, al, as   Clouds, Cirrus and Wind
    20070622_23 x x x - (4gt), (6V), bh, bt, (7X), (ca)   Templates
    20070623_24 x x x x 4ey, 6V, au, (bt), eq, (7ca) 2 Templates
    20070624_25 x x x - (5dn), (6aa), (be), (7aa)   Templates, Clouds
    20070625_26 x x x x (6bf), 7ai 4 Templates, Wind
    20070626_27 x x x - 7bm   Wind
    20070627_28 x x x - (6aa)   Templates, Dome stucked
    20070628_29 x x x x 4gt, (6aa), bf, bh, bo, gt, 7ai 2 Templates
    20070629_30 x x x - (5dn)   Templates, Time from Bonanos
    20070630_01 x x x - 6bo   Templates, Time from Bonanos
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    SN Chart Coord Stds
    05dz here - 1
    05eq here - 1
    05gj here - 1
    05lu here - 1
    06ax here - 1
    06ee here - 2
    06mr here - 3
    06qq here - 2
    07N here - 2
    07P here - 2
    07S here - 2
    07U here - 2
    07Y   - 1
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