February 2010
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CSP Observing Schedule for February 2010

DateMoonSwope 1.0m DuPont 2.5mBAADE/CLAY
---Observer InstrumentObserverInstrumentObserverInstrument
Feb 1Mon-----NidiaBAADE
Feb 2Tue-----NidiaBAADE
Feb 3Wed-------
Feb 4Thu-------
Feb 5Fri-------
Feb 6Sat-------
Feb 7Sun-------
Feb 8Mon-------
Feb 9Tue-------
Feb 10Wed-------
Feb 11Thu-------
Feb 12Fri-------
Feb 13Sat-------
Feb 14Sun-------
Feb 15Mon-------
Feb 16Tue---Site2Wojtek--
Feb 17Wen-------
Feb 18Thu-------
Feb 19Fri-------
Feb 20Sat-------
Feb 21Sun-------
Feb 22Mon-------
Feb 23Tue-------
Feb 24Wed-------
Feb 25Thu-------
Feb 26Fri-------
Feb 27Sat-------
Feb 28Sun-------