Parameters for "wavecal"

The purpose of this task is to derive a generic wavelength calibration for the night.
There are only two parameters to set:

Parameters for wavecal

All wavecal needs is the parameter "star" specifying a bright object to trace an aperture
and the parameter "lamp" specifying a comparison lamp to extract and identify.

You will be presented with the extracted lamp. You don't need to start marking lines.
Just type one of the following:
:r wfccd.0001
:r modspec.0001
:r ldss2.0001
:r emmiblue.0001
:r emmigreen.0001
:r emmired.0001
:r ldss3_blue_c1.0001
:r ldss3_blue_c2.0001
:r ldss3_red_c1.0001
:r ldss3_red_c2.0001
to retrieve a previous solution and the lines will be marked automatically.

Then type "a" (to set the all option: VERY IMPORTANT) and "c" (to recenter features).

Then you must type "f" (fit) and proceed as usual, deleting lines with larger residuals, etc.
When satisfied with the fit, hit "q".