Parameters for "fluxcal":

This task will create a sensitivity function for the night.
The parameter set for fluxcal will look like this:

Parameters for fluxcal

Under "lamp" you must put the name of the extracted image of the lamp used to run wavecal.

The task will select objects observed with the value of "gr_par" and "slit_width" as potential standards.
The "ra" and "dec" image keywords are used to identify flux standards.
You will have the choice of accepting or rejecting each of the proposed standards before proceeding.

This task will use "standard" and "sensfunc". The sensitivity function will be interactivelly determined.
If a flux shift has to be applied to your spectra, you must  delete all the data redward of
7000 A (the flux calibration is always contaminated by 2nd order light in that region), then apply the
grey-shift with the "s" key. This should bring all the stars to the same level below 7000 A. Finally,
undelete the previously erased points (up to 9325A) and refit the data with the "g" key.