CSP - NTT/SOFI Exposure Times

Date of last modification: Mar. 16 2009, 1:00 pm chilean time.

                     Supernovae  (sorted by local time of observation)

Exposure times are given as AB cycles x individual exposure times (DIT) x repetitions (NDIT) 
Name           Exptime         Priority          RA          DEC             Comments
            (ABxDITxNDIT)   (1 is highest)          (2000.0)

SN 2009K       9x300x1            2          04:36:36.77  -00:08:35.6       Prioritize blue channel 
SN 2009ag      9x300x1            1	     07:11:40.81  -26:41:06.3       Prioritize blue channel
SN 2008in      9x150x1            1          12:22:01.77  +04:28:47.5 
SN 2009N       9x150x1            2          12:31:09.00  -08:02:56.3       Prioritize blue channel 
SN 2009aj      9x150x1            1	     13:56:45.33  -48:29:36.2 


SN finding charts can be found HERE and/or HERE. 

Exposure times are only tentative and need to be
adjusted according to resulting S/N. 


Observe the SNe using one mode (blue or red), followed by a telluric standard selected from the list of Hipparcos G stars.
SN and standard should be observed as close in airmass as possible.
Use this tool to find standard stars closest in airmass for a given SN coordinate and observing LST.

Repeat the same procedure with the other (red or blue) mode.

The list of telluric standards can also be found at ESO/ISAAC pages.

See more instructions in the CSP procedures page.