Parameters for "makeseq"

The task parameters will look like this:

Parameters for standards

This task will search for files with magnitudes for photometric
sequences and compute an average for a specific supernova.

The first parameter ("dir") defines the directory where the task will
search for files with magnitudes for the photometric sequences. The
second parameter ("root") defines the root name for such files. The
third parameter ("sn") defines the name of the supernova for which
you want to extract magnitudes.

Running the task "makeseq"

This task in non-interactive. The output is a text file called "SN03hd.seq"
containing magnitudes for the local standards around the specified supernova
measured on different nights. An average is computed using only values with
flag set to "ok". Any other flag will cause the value to be excluded from
the final average. A graph showing the magnitudes versus julian date is
generated for each star/filter combination and saved in the "SN03hd.seq.plot"
file. You can inspect these plots with

gkimos SN03hd.seq.plot