IR Imaging Observer's Duties

Observer's Duties: 
  • Fill out Instrument Setup Request Form here.
  • Read the observing procedures for your instrument here.
  • Get the observing program for your telescope/instrument.
  • Get finding charts from the supernova list.
  • Start an observing report for the corresponding telscope + instrument here.
      In this observing log write down comments about the weather, equipment problems, etc., and update the file during the night with the evolution of the weather. For example, if cirrus showed up sometime during the night, you have to indicate the UT when this happened. If you didn't have problems, make an explicit note in the log.
  • Take calibration frames (darks, domeflats, and skyflats), inspect them, and report your comments in the observing log, especially if something unusual happens.
  • Transfer data to csp3 into a directory inside '/data/' Use a directory name of the form yyyymmd1_d2, where 'd1' and 'd2' are the starting and ending days of observation. For example: scp -r 20040920_21/ gaston@csp3:/data/gaston/ Check that there is no other directory with that name!!
  • Only for WIRC: Very carefully remove unused chips. For example, removing chip 1: rm 20040920_21/*_c1_*
  • Record data into a DVD. For more information about burning DVDs click here. Bring DVD to CSP office in La Serena, properly labeled with telescope ID, instrument, observation date, observers's name, and the label "RAW".
  • Update the SN logs using the SN Entry Log form.
      Carnegie Supernova Program